What Are the Signs of a Good Hotel Supplier?

Selecting the right supplier plays a big role in maintaining guest satisfaction. This is more than just about creating premium hotel rooms; it is about ensuring that all your hotel guests are happy with their stay. This is why you should be very mindful when you are picking a supplier.

Some of the things that you should look for are:

1. Reliability

The very first thing that you should look for is a sense of reliability. Always remember that the business you choose to be your hotel supplier will be responsible for many things. They are not just supplying hotel amenities to you; they are also helping you to improve the hospitality standards of your hotel.

Reliability goes a long way when it comes to offering good service. So, a reliable supplier will always be able to offer you the best of the things without any disruptions. They will also eliminate your need to constantly be worried about when a shipment will reach you or if the quality will be fine. Their facilities will make it an easy ride for you and your customers.

2. Offers wide range

A skilled supplier will offer you everything under the same roof. From liquid soap dispensers to shower gel and hairdryers, they will supply you with anything. This is simply because the companies that are actually here to offer excellent service do not like to stick to ordinary things. They will also sell you things like a shoe shine machine and typically everything that you will need to create a good hotel.

This kind of diversity will really help to make your life easy. You will no longer have to go from one seller to another just for good-quality guest amenities. They will bring all the top brands right where you are.

3. Reasonable pricing 

Well, choosing a supplier is not just about buying good-quality guest amenities for your hotel rooms; it is also about the money that you will be spending. We all want to add the best things to our hotels, but it is also important to understand that nothing comes for free. This is why you will have to look for someone who will offer good quality products at a reasonable price point.

Moreover, you should also look for a company that will offer you many discounts for bulk orders. Plus, they should also have a suitable industry reputation for offering value for money. This will help you to save money and make it easy for you to invest in other things.

How Do You Pick the Right Hotel Supplier?

Picking the right supplier is definitely not a tough process. It just simply involves you to consider a few simple yet important things. 

1. Consider your budget

The first and foremost consideration when choosing a supplier for your hotel room is to mark your budget. Make sure you are fully aware of how much you want to spend for the whole process. When you enter the selection process with a clear budget, it automatically helps to simplify the road ahead.

Moreover, this way you also be able to eliminate any chances of overspending on particular guest amenities. That being said, please make sure that you create a budget that will be good enough for buying good quality products.

2. Identify the top hotel suppliers

The next step in the process is to find out who are top players in the hospitality industry of India. Basically, you will have to start the process by creating a simple list of all the top suppliers. This list should maintain all the details related to them.

This list will help you a lot in the long run. This way, you will not have to look up on the internet every time you need some information. Moreover, this will also make the comparison step pretty easy.

3. Understand the location of the suppliers

One thing that many hotel founders have reported is that they regret choosing a supplier that is situated far away from their location. This often comes in the way of the delivery process and even makes it hard for them in ensuring proper communication.

This is why you should choose a supplier who operates near your hotel. This way, you will automatically be able to simplify the whole process. Additionally, you can also choose someone who delivers hotel accessories all across India.

4. Compare pricing

There are many suppliers in the hotel industry of India. But sadly, not all of them are known for offering amenities at reasonable prices. This is exactly where price comparison enters the picture. Price comparison is an extremely important step in the whole process.

It gives you insight into how much different suppliers are charging for the same amenity. Plus, it also prevents you from overspending on anything that is available at a lower price.

5. Quality check

Make sure you properly check the quality of the product before you choose a supplier. There are many suppliers who are not that great when it comes to selling high-standard amenities. This not only affects the durability of the guest amenities. Rather, it also hampers the reputation of your hotel.

This is one simple reason why you need to find a company that is known for offering high-standard products to their clients. There is no shortage of suppliers in the hospitality world, just check the quality they are offering. This will help in ensuring that the quality does not differ with any order.

6. Build good connections 

Last but definitely not least, make sure you create a good relationship with the suppliers. Building good relationships typically involves maintaining proper communication and staying transparent throughout the whole process.

This helps you in many ways in the long run. When a supplier has a good relationship with you, they offer you good discounts on toiletries and amenities. Moreover, they will also keep you updated when an order is dispatched and help you discover other things about the industry.

Which Are the Top Hotel Suppliers in India?

Now that you are aware of all the things, let us make the process a little easier for you. There are many companies that sell hotel room amenities and other items. From slippers to coffee machines to liquid soap dispensers, you will find everything in their collection.

That being said, not all of them are that great in the work that they do. There are many that do not offer simple return systems and other services in addition. But there are some which indeed excel at offering everything that you need. 

1. Elri Bird

If you are someone who is looking for only the top amenities, then you should leave all the options behind and choose this one. Elri Bird is one of the best place to buy amenities like hangers, toiletries, and other things for hotel room suites.

Elri Bird acquired quite a reputation in supplying all the best products under the same roof. They have a wide range of products which make it easy for you to get equipped with the necessary things. Many hotel founders across India choose them for fast delivery pan India and reliable customer service.

2. Zarnik Hotel Supplies Private Limited

Zarnik has been a part of the hospitality industry for quite some time. This company is located in Karnataka, but they provide their services in all states. Moreover, they also have a good reputation in the market.

This means you will not have to think about anything when you choose their services. They sell close to everything, so there is no need to look for different options from hotel vendors.

3. Kiros Hospitality

Are you looking to create a comfortable stay for your hotel guests? If yes, then Kiros Hospitality will be a good choice. Apart from the basic hospitality items like kettle, shampoo, and other things, they also sell some spa products.

This means you will get to provide a great vacation to your customers. Plus, they are always on time with their deliveries of hotel accessories. That makes them an equally reliable option.

4. Everstyle Hotel Supplies India

Do you wish to add some tabletop and door accessories to your hotel rooms? Then Everstyle Hotel Supplies India will be a good pick. This company has been a part of the hospitality industry of India for the last decade, making it an expert in the industry.

Moreover, they also have a wide range of top brands products. So, one thing is for sure you will never fall short of options when you choose their service. They will help you to create a full cart of essential amenities.

5. Skyra Professional Equipment 

Skyra is a popular choice among many hotel founders in India. This place has been in the industry for quite some time, which has helped it take its service to the next level. They offer you more than just convenience; their services are also equipped with the best technologies.

And the best part is their staff is great at offering high-level customer support. They always stay hooked with you so that you can openly communicate about anything. So, if you are looking for a company that has suitable industry experience, then this is the one for you.

Final Takeaway 

Choosing the right hotel accessories and amenities supplier is no doubt one of the most important steps of the process. They help you to create a nice space for your guests who are coming to your hotel for vacation or work. Here, we have tried to help you with the selection process. We have discussed all the things that will make this process easy. So, make sure you read the whole blog. We are sure that this will help you to a great extent.

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