Welcome to South Kurzan: Newest Continent in Lost Ark

Lost Ark summer update introduces a burning continent: South Kurzan. This new place, affected by the red moon, is full of volcanoes and ready for adventurers who seek more challenge, and loot. 

But for people who are entering Lost Ark South Kurzan for their very first time, this tough place with many things hidden inside could give them a hard time. Therefore, this guide has been made to help you understand and succeed in this new area.

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A Land Forged in Fire and Fury

South Kurzan is a Lost Ark new continent, located near Mount Antares, where Kazeros’ body was sealed during the Chain War. Evil energy from him still seeps into this place today, making volcanoes more active and changing local plants and animals. When you keep going in, be ready to see areas with ash everywhere, burning holes, and strange rock shapes.

In South Kurzan, the environment is not friendly. If adventurers wish to survive here, they must be at minimum Item Level 1580. This assures that you have the necessary gear for handling all kinds of danger.

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Embark on Uncharted Quests and Reap the Rewards

Lost Ark South Kurzan offers a wealth of content for new adventurers. The main story quests delve into the continent’s mysteries and the significance of the red moon’s influence. You’ll encounter new characters, both friendly and foe, as you explore the region’s troubled past and its connection to Kazeros’ return.

Completing quests unlocks a plethora of rewards. Earn valuable honing materials to strengthen your gear, gather resources for crafting professions, and unearth hidden secrets that boost your stats. South Kurzan also introduces Rapport NPCs, special characters you can befriend by gifting them specific items.

Unveiling the Secrets of South Kurzan

As you explore, keep an eye out for the following exciting features:

  • Adventure’s Tome: This in-game journal tracks your progress in South Kurzan. Completing specific tasks like defeating monsters or collecting Mokoko Seeds fills the tome, rewarding you with valuable items and titles.
  • Wandering Merchants: These roving vendors offer unique wares and crafting materials unavailable elsewhere in Arkesia. Be sure to stock up on their rare supplies!
  • Chaos Gate: This special event zone pits you against waves of increasingly powerful enemies. Teamwork and strategic use of skills are key to conquering the Chaos Gate and reaping its bountiful rewards.
  • Islands and World Tree Leaves: South Kurzan boasts a new island to explore, teeming with secrets and resources. Additionally, hidden throughout the zone are World Tree Leaves, powerful collectibles that grant permanent stat boosts when gathered in sufficient quantities.

Embrace the Challenge: Conquering South Kurzan’s Dangers

South Kurzan isn’t just about exploration and resource gathering. The land is teeming with formidable foes twisted by Kazeros’ influence. Be prepared to face challenging new monster types with unique attack patterns and abilities.

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A Stepping Stone to Greater Adventures

Lost Ark’s Newest Continent isn’t just a new zone; it’s a gateway to unlocking the next chapter in Lost Ark’s story. As you delve deeper, you’ll gain valuable resources and experience to prepare for the upcoming Kazeros Raid: Echidna. This challenging endgame encounter awaits seasoned adventurers, and the knowledge and gear acquired in South Kurzan will prove invaluable in facing this formidable foe.

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