The Rising Popularity of Salwar Suits in the USA

The South Asian clothing of salwar suits has been picking up monstrous notoriety within the design industry of the USA over the past a long time. 

Customarily worn by ladies in South Asian nations like India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh, salwar suits comprise of free pants that are wide at the beat and narrow at the foot, alongside a long kurta or tunic. These comfortable and rich outfits are made from lightweight textures like silk, chiffon, and georgette printed with colorfully outlined designs. 

As the South Asian populace has developed in America and social impacts have expanded universally, numerous non-South Asian American ladies have begun embracing salwar suits for their interesting fashion, consolation, and flexibility. They can be worn to casual occasions, weddings, celebrations, or basically as customary day wear. The slant speaks to how social mold is being grasped over borders.

What is a Salwar Suit?

A salwar suit is a famous traditional outfit for women in South Asia. It is an easy dress that is relaxing to wear. The salwar suit has three main parts. The first part is the kameez or knee-length tunic top. Then there is the salwar or loose pants. These pants are wide and gathered at the ankle. The final part is a dupatta or long scarf. 

The materials utilized can be cotton, silk or chiffon. It is regular for women in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. The salwar suit comes in many colorful designs and prints. It is elegant yet easy to wear for any occasion or event.


Materials utilized in clothing shift incredibly depending on the sort of article of clothing. Common textures incorporate cotton, silk, chiffon, georgette and velvet. Cotton is exceptionally breathable and comfortable. Silk is smooth and lightweight. Chiffon and georgette are sheer, delicate materials regularly utilized for dresses. Velvet features a lavish feel and profound colors. These textures come in a wide assortment of colors and prints. 

Flower designs are exceptionally prevalent, including sprouting roses, daisies or other blooms. Unique plans with whirls, dabs or geometric shapes are moreover commonly seen. Colors extend from delicate pastels to distinctive brights. Materials are chosen based on the season, fashion of clothing and wants to seek. For warm climates, textures like cotton or chiffon that are vaporous are ordinarily chosen. For drop and winter, thicker materials like velvet that have more substance work well. 

Popularity in the USA

Lehengas and saris are very prevalent clothing items for South Asian women living in the United States. They are generally worn for cultural celebrations, weddings and other festivities. These elegant outfits allow women to embrace their South Asian traditions and heritage. Lehengas and saris are widely available at Indian and South Asian clothing stores found across major cities in America. 

Many boutiques solely sell beautiful designer lehengas, saris and other traditional clothing. For those who cannot easily visit a store, lehengas and saris can also be purchased online from retailers that ship internationally. This makes getting these special occasion items convenient even if an appropriate physical store is far away. Buying options both in stores and online means preserving cultural fashion is very achievable in the US.


Indian women have many styles to choose from for traditional attire. There are variations like Anarkali suits and Sharara suits. These have flowing designs and are comfortable to wear. Straight-cut kurtas are another popular style. They come in different sleeve lengths and colors. In recent times, fusion styles have become popular too. 

Some incorporate Western elements in traditional designs. For example, short kurtas paired with trousers or palazzos. Embroidery and prints from other parts of the world are added to Indian fabric. This makes the styles modern and trendy. Young women enjoy experimenting with such blended looks.

Expansion of Retail Availability

The retail availability of Southeast Asian clothing is expanding in major cities across the United States. More traditional clothing stores from countries like Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia and Indonesia have begun opening physical locations in metropolitan areas with significant Southeast Asian immigrant populations like Los Angeles, New York, and Houston. However, online shopping has truly increased accessibility to these styles on a wider scale. E-commerce retailers have made traditional Southeast Asian fashions easy to browse and purchase from anywhere with an internet connection. 

They have also started adopting fusion-style designs that blend elements of Southeast Asian clothing with more Western silhouettes and fabrics, tapping into demand from younger generations interested in global fashion trends. Overall, with the growth of brick-and-mortar specialty shops and e-tailers with diverse product lines, retailers are making Southeast Asian clothing options more widely available to consumers across the United States.

Readymade salwar suit in USA

  • Popular ethnic wear for South Asian women living in the USA.
  • Available in major cities at Indian stores like Libas, Anokhi, Sangria, and Fabindia starting from $30-$100.
  • Common materials – cotton, lycra blends. Styles – straight/palazzo kurtas and pants, Anarkali, short kurtis with leggings.
  • Seasonal collections for festivals like Diwali, Eid and weddings with embroidery, mirrors, and threads.
  • Also available online from Indian e-tailers for wider selection and shipment.
  • Convenient option vs stitching maintains cultural traditions amid a busy lifestyle.
  • Suits occasions like casual wear, festivities, religious events, weddings and India-USA travel.
  • Cater to easy maintenance needs with wide size ranges in stores.


What is a Salwar Suit? 

A traditional South Asian women’s outfit.

Connects the large South Asian population to their roots.

Where can one find them? 

Indian/Pakistani/Bangladeshi stores in major US cities.

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The salwar suit has gained immense popularity in the United States over the past few decades. With a large and growing South Asian population in America, there was a need for ethnic clothing that was comfortable yet sophisticated. The salwar suit perfectly fits this need – it is easy to wear, breezy for warmer climates, and makes for elegant formal or casual wear. Major retail brands like Anthropic, W, and Zara have begun stocking salwar suit collections, realizing the market potential. 

The suit’s graceful lines and intricate embellishments are also attracting non-South Asian customers who appreciate global fashion influences. From celebrations to everyday occasions, the versatile salwar suit continues growing its consumer base in the multicultural milieu of America. Its emergence reflects how cultural attires are adopted and embraced in diverse Western societies.

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