Is Indian Oil A Government Company? Complete Detail

Have you ever heard about IOCL? IOCL stands for Indian Oil Corporation Limited, which provides oil all over India. After knowing what IOCL is, it is important to know Is Indian Oil a government company. To get a detailed answer, we will have to read the article and learn more about IOCL.

What Is IOCL? Brief Overview

Is Indian Oil A Government Company

Indian Oil Corporation Limited is mainly considered a kind of agreement of the Indian Government established back in 1964 by the intermingling of Indian Oil Company Limited with Indian Refineries Limited. This Corporation consists of five sections, one of which is the Refineries Division. 

The Indian oil group poses a potential to refine 80.2 MMTPA as of 1.4. 2020 and accounts for ~ 32 percent of the whole potential of the national refinery of 248.9 MMPTA- which is itself a huge share between refining companies in India. India Oil Group has 11 out of 23 refineries to their name. It operates as well which initiates from the oldest one in this market at Digboi( potential-0.65 MMTPA), which started its operations back in the year 1901, to the recent Paradip (Potential 15 MMPTA), which was committed to the nation back in the year 2016. 

The power of Indian Oil Springs comes from its experience of operating refineries in huge countries, including India, and adapting a versatile refining process bonded with state-of-the-art refining technology. 

We experience that refineries come together to play a backbone role in the Indian economy. Indian oil refineries take care of the petroleum needed in the country, of which motor spirit, diesel, and aviation fuel make up an essential part of fuels for transportation, as well as kerosene and L.P.G. for household fuels. Moreover, some essential items, like lube oil base stocks and wax, are also produced. These refineries also produce and supply polymers and petrochemicals in downstream plastic and petrochemical industries. 

Is Indian Oil a government company?

The answer is yes; Indian Oil Corporation Limited is a government-owned oil & gas company working under the provision of the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas, Government of India. 

Indian Oil Corporation Limited Detailed Analysis

IOCL is an oil and gas company owned by the state of India, and it includes a range of more meaningful and famous organizations in the country. IOCL is an Indian Oil Corporation Limited and it is also known to be Indian Oil. The registered office for IOCL is located in Mumbai. The headquarters of Indian Oil is located in New Delhi.

The interest in the Indian business of Oil has gone past a complete hydrocarbon value-chain, mainly including pipeline, refining, transportation, and marketing of petroleum, items research, and production of crude Oil, natural gas, and petrochemicals. IOCL has made its way into some substitute energy and globalization of downstream tasks. Indian oil subsidiaries are found in Sri Lanka, Mauritius, and the Middle East. 

Major IOCL Divisions

There are seven major business divisions of IOCL in the organization.

  1. Refineries division
  2. Pipelines division
  3. Marketing division
  4. R&D division
  5. Petrochemicals division
  6. Exploration and Production division
  7. Explosive and Cryogenics division

Indian Oil spread its business tasks in different regions of the world through its overseas establishments: Sri Lanka, Mauritius, U.A.E., Singapur, U.S.A., Myanmar, and Bangladesh.

The task of the company includes refineries, pipelines, and marketing as well as their monopoly for brands that include mainly Indane, L.P. Gas, Servo Lubricants, XTRAPREMIUM petrol as well as XTRAMILE diesel, and Propel Petrochemicals. 

The Indian oil marketing division is mainly considered to be the huge petroleum marketing sector throughout Asia. In research and production, the mono for Oil domestic 11 oil and gas blocks, two of them coal bed methane blocks, while the overseas mono consists of 10 blocks mainly spread across Libya, Iran, Gabon, Nigeria, Timor Leste, Yemen, and Venezuela.

How many oil refineries are Available in India?

At present, there are 23 refineries in India. The main public sector mainly consists of 18 refineries, and together, projects mainly consist of 2 refineries. Besides these, three refineries are in the private sector. IOCL refinery in India plays its part for the sake of atmospheric welfare as the refining and processing steps aid in eradicating the damaging items. These steps also shadow practice some positive impacts on the trustworthiness at the time of combustion. Through this method, each IOCL refinery located in India performs its vital role, mainly in the oil and petroleum industry. 

IOCL Major Location In And Around India

IOCL Major Refineries In India

  1. Barauni refinery
  2. Bongaigaon refinery
  3. CPCL, Chennai
  4. CPCL, Narimanam
  5. Digboi refinery 
  6. Guwahati Refinery
  7. Haldia refinery
  8. Koyali refinery
  9. Mathura refinery
  10. Panipat refinery
  11. Paradip refinery

Major Pipelines of IOCL 

  1. Salaya- Mathura Crude Oil Pipeline
  2. Mundra- Panipat Crude Oil Pipeline
  3. Paradip-Haldia-Barauni Crude Oil Pipeline.
  4. Koyali- Mohanpura Product Pipeline
  5. Koyali-Ahmedabad Product Pipeline
  6. Guwahati- Siliguri Product Pipeline
  7. Haldia- Mourigram- Rajbandh Product Pipeline
  8. Haldia-Barauni Product Pipeline
  9. Panipat- Jalandhar L.P.G. Pipeline
  10. Dadri- Panipat- R-LNG Pipeline
  11. Koyali-Ratlam Product Pipeline
  12. Koyali- Dahej/Hazira Product Pipeline
  13. Panipat- Bathinda Product Pipeline
  14. Rewari Product Pipeline
  15. Ambala Jalandhar Product Pipeline 
  16. Mathura- Delhi Product Pipeline
  17. Bharatpur Product Pipeline
  18. Tundla Product Pipeline
  19. Chennai-Trichy-Madurai Product Pipeline 
  20. Banglore Product Pipeline
  21. A.T.F. Pipeline
  22. Bangalore A.T.F. Pipeline 
  23. Kolkata A.T.F. Pipeline
  24. Paradip-Raipur-Ranchi Product Pipeline 
  25. Jaipur Panipat Naphtha Pipeline
  26. Paradip- Hyderabad Product Pipeline

Foreign Subsidiaries of IOCL

  1. Indian Oil (Mauritius) Ltd
  2. I.O.C. Middle East F.Z.E.

Important Milestones Achieved 

IOCL., having its connectivity with Ola, initiated India’s very first electric charging station at the petro-diesel station in Nagpur. It was July 2024 when IOCL declared that it was 168th in the Fortune Global 500 listing for 2017. Indian Oil Corporation Limited (IOCL) is ranked 94th on the 2023 Fortune Global 500 list. IOCL is known as the only famous company in the top 200 in the central and essential list. 


Engineers who have graduated just for accommodation as Engineers as well as officers.Postgraduate Engineers for accommodation as Research Officers in the Research & Development Centre. Postgraduates in Chemistry have almost 2 years of experience as Assistant Officers (Quality Control). 

Recruitment in IOCL 

Indian Oil’s main business is continuously going through refining, transportation, and marketing regarding petroleum items. To get in accordance with India’s fast-developing energy demand, the company, with ongoing experience, has spread its workings across the hydrocarbons value chain upstream oil and gas research and production and going down into petrochemicals, besides versatility into natural gas and substitute energy resources.

In order to go with good work each year, IOCL issued vacancies regarding engineers in IOCL branches. In accordance with the IOCL post, the accommodation depends on the Gate exam, but some other exams are held. 

Eligibility criteria for Engineers: 

The connected authorities accommodate the engineers, depending mainly on the GATE exam that the GATE Committee holds each year. 


Participants interested in applying to IOCL accommodation as engineers must have completed the qualifying degree examination and been awarded a bachelor’s degree in technology/engineering(full-time regular course online). 

M.Tech candidates

Participants are going with their M.Tech completion of graduation in the particular disciplines and have their authority regarding applying for some respected roles. They also need to apply and qualify for GATE 2019 in the particular Gate Paper regarding each discipline. 

ME/M.Tech candidates

The participants who have the potential to apply have in place the condition of completing the course needed or are in the process of completing for B.E/B. Tech in one of the main disciplines propagation and come up with completed or in process ME/M.Tech. It seems necessary for the participants to have and produce BE/B. Tech as well as ME/M.Tech degrees when both interviews and selections are on their way. 

Pass percentage: 

Participants who have connections to OBC-NCL and General options must score appropriately 65 percent. 

Participants of SC/ST/PWD options are needed to get at least 55 percent. 

This will work until the end of the semester/year examination when you apply for it.

However, for the final selection, the participant must submit the final mark sheet.

The department that accommodates the participants doesn’t consider those who completed or are going for graduation, both in disciplines/interdisciplinary subjects, mainly Robotics, regarding this particular role. 

Age limit To Qualify: 

Participants belonging mainly to the general category must be 28 years old at most. The age limitations mainly for Assistance officers in terms of Quality Control are limited to 30.

Age relaxation: 

There is a relaxation in the upper age limit of almost three years with respect to OBC. 5 years are considered as age limit relaxation regarding SC/ST, and for P.W.F. participants, it is almost ten years but further expanded by the given presidential orders. 

There is a relaxation of almost five years for the participants who have their domicile from Jammu & Kashmir between years 1.1. 1980 and 31.12.1989. There is also an age relaxation of almost five years, mainly for ex-servicemen, and commissioned officers mainly have their connectivity with almost five years of military service and completion of other conditions given by the government of India. 

Qualifications Details: 

Participants who come up with their qualification as B.S.C. in Chemistry will be taken for accommodation as Assistant Officers in the marketing sector. M.S.C. in Chemistry means M.S.C. or some parallel degree in both Inorganic/Organic Analytical Physical/Applied Chemistry. Participants from several other branches of chemistry, such as biochemistry/geochemistry, are not fit for this job. 


Important- I have almost two years of experience working in a chemical testing laboratory, experimenting with testing/R&D quality control. Wishful- Experimentation of petroleum items such as grease, lube, and some utilized lubricants and petrochemicals in accordance with BIS/AST/ISO/IP specifications and experiment procedures. The related authorities consider participants coming up with an experience after they have done M.S.C. when their results are finally announced. 

The team doesn’t require any kind of experience to be collected after B.S.C. or after embracing a short-period trainee. Moreover, they don’t want any kind of teaching experience at the time of selection. 

Procedure For Selection In  IOCL 

Participants who complete their qualification in Gate 2019 in their respective line will have the right to be shortlisted if they come up properly regarding the situation specified mainly by the organization. IOCL issues the status of shortlisted participants on its official portal who will join in for further conversation in Group Discussion G.D. Group Task G.T. as well as personal Interview P.I. for acknowledging the various aspects of knowledge, skill attitude, and aptitude in the related cases. The last touch of the accommodation process is initiated depending on these specific parameters. The discipline is maintained while making final merits for the participants considered mainly for the merit list, as they need to get a minimum of 40 percent marks both in GD/GT as well as P.I. 

Service bond Required

While shaking hands with IOCL, a service bond needs to be signed by all the participants to provide services to the Corporation for almost three years from the date when they shake hands, if they remain unsuccessful in doing this, they have to pay for it in this given fashion of compensation of the organization. 

Differentiating from the above-given pay, the chosen participants are also able to benefit from these numerous advantages. They embrace Dearness Allowance as well as other Allowances in accordance with the rules of the organization in force and make changes from time to time in repeat. 

Various Allowances /advantages mainly consist of H.R.A./subsidized housing, medical facilities, performance regarding pay, respect, contributory funds that are provident, pension of the employee’s scheme group personal accident insurance scheme, left behind encashment, give away travel concession, LTC/ LFA, contributory superannuation advantages fund scheme, conveyance advance, management, reimbursement, incentive connected to performance connected with the rules of the organization. 

Nature of Job 

The individuals that are chosen here in IOCL as an engineers can be posted in the nearest division of Indian Oil- Refineries, Business Development, Marketing, and Pipelines. For example, Information systems optimization or some joint venture companies.

In the Refineries division: 

Banking mainly on the qualification of the participant, the accommodation of engineers may be in services regarding engineering, production process, power plant, projects, maintenance, inspection, etc.

Marketing division: 

The team is responsible for recruiting individuals to accommodate engineers in aviation services, engineering, maintenance and inspection, sales, marketing, services on a technical base, and quality control. 

Pipelines Division: 

Engineers will be accommodated both in maintenance and in operations and construction processes. 

Business development Accommodation:

Engineers may be accommodated in petrochemicals and polymer projects, operation sales/marketing, gas, renewable energy, and sustainable growth.

Petroleum Engineers: 

The team is responsible for recruiting and accommodating the respective participants in the search and the Production Business Vertical of the Business Growth sector. The job they possess come up with a profile that consists of monitored drilling operations and preparation of drilling engineering designs, calculation as well as drilling programs for the Indian Oil operated blocks, surveillance of production performance for preparing upstream assets of Indian Oil, carrying out reservoir engineering simulation as well as modeling regarding optimal reservoir maintenance. The team responsible for recruiting also entrusts the respected participants with the responsibility of monitoring sector adherence activities in the non-operating blocks, producing techno-economic analysis contracting, and content procurement activities connected to Indian Oil’s E&P assets. 

Polymer Engineers: 

These participants embrace replacements in Business Growth Group, having your main target of marketing Polyolefin items. This is why establishing the market by enhancing the base of customers and applications and managing customer connectivity. These polymer engineers have all the responsibility regarding the maintenance of the distribution and distribution channel in relation to the activities, maintaining M.I.S., and collecting market intelligence. They also came up with their interest in developing application projects with respect to the customers to get O.E.M./ Statutory approvals and grow the market for new product openings. 


Indian Oil Corporation Ltd (IOCL) is India’s leading national oil company with business interests extended across the complete hydrocarbon value chain, starting mainly from refining, pipeline, and transportation as well as the marketing of items regarding petroleum just for the sake of search and production of crude Oil and gas, marketing of natural gas and petrochemicals. 

Indian Oil Corporation Ltd is the frontrunner Indian corporation in this list of “500 listings, with the luckiest ranking at 168 in the year 2017. IOCL is a public sector agreement. The total of 56.98% stakes, which are IOCL till to the date 31st of December 2017. 

As far as IOCL is concerned, every individual working here means that their dreams are coming true while working with some huge organizations. A Fortune 500 IOCL comes with the facility for its employees’ jobs in both government and corporate sectors. 

With a kind of enormous development and learning chances, it is considered mainly a more secure job for engineering graduates. 

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