From Snow Blowing the Driveway, Mowing the Lawn, to Blowing Leaves, Yard Maintenance Is Completely Autonomous for the First Time Ever

NEW YORK, May 15, 2024 — Yarbo, the world’s first year-round multipurpose intelligent yard robot, announces that its new 2024 model is now available for pre-order. This launches the latest advancements in automated outdoor power equipment for addressing tedious yard tasks and improving lawn care experiences.

Yarbo Modular Yard Robot for All-Season
Yarbo Modular Yard Robot for All-Season

Yarbo robot is the most innovative modular yard robot on the market. Its versatility allows it to be a lawn mower, snow blower, leaf blower, safety patrol robot, yard assistant and more with its different modules that can meet over 20 different yard care demands throughout the year. For the first time, all yard maintenance is completely autonomous for users. Yarbo created patented and enhanced PPVS technology for precise navigation capabilities. It is equipped with RTK-GPS navigation technology, binocular cameras on the front, additional cameras on both sides and ODOM to bring precision and care to any yard in a wire-free experience. The new version also includes an upgraded data center that uses HaLow WiFi technology to expand the robot’s connection. The robot can be controlled from anywhere via the Yarbo app, meaning users can be away from home and still manage their yard up-keep.

The 2024 modules and Yarbo Core have been enhanced to deliver exceptional performance.

  • The updated Yarbo Core includes front and back modularity to attach up to two Yarbo modules at a time for increased efficiency and functionality, as well as improved navigation and intelligent technology capabilities.
  • The snow blower attachment can now tackle up to 12 inches of snow, includes a metal chute for more durability and has two cameras for more accuracy and depth perception when identifying obstacles.
  • The lawn mower is capable of cutting up to two acres per day. It can maintain 6.2 acres of lawn, tow 3,500 pounds and can adjust the grass cutting height between 1.2 to 4 inches. Its edger and trimmer accessories can be attached to either side of the M1 lawn mower to finally solve the last missing puzzle piece to autonomous lawn mowing.

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“Yarbo makes lawn care a one-time investment for a lifetime of relief from back-breaking, exhausting outdoor labor. Instead of filling a shed with a lawn mower, snow blower, leaf blower, garden wagon, and other tools, Yarbo is one robot that can tackle more than 20 different yard tasks and requires minimal human interaction. Unlike other electric equipment, people only need one Yarbo Core that uses one lithium-ion battery to perform year-round tasks. With our five-year module compatibility guarantee, our customers can rest assured they are investing in a modular yard assistant that will continue to gain new capabilities for years to come,” said Yarbo co-founder Kenneth Kohlmann.

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