Everything You Need to Know About USC University Housing


Welcome to USC University Housing! Finding the right place to live is a crucial part of your college experience, and at the University of Southern California, there’s a variety of housing options tailored to meet the diverse needs of its students. Whether you’re a freshman just starting your college journey, an upperclassman looking for more independence, or a graduate student seeking a quiet place to focus, USC has got you covered.

Types of Housing Available

On-Campus Housing

Freshman Dorms

Freshman dorms are designed to help new students transition smoothly into college life. They offer a vibrant community, convenient locations close to academic buildings, and a variety of amenities to support your academic and social needs.

Upperclassmen Dorms

Upperclassmen dorms provide more privacy and independence compared to freshman dorms. These housing options are typically quieter, with amenities that cater to the needs of students who have been on campus for a few years.

Graduate Student Housing

Graduate student housing is specifically designed to cater to the needs of students pursuing advanced degrees. These housing options often provide a quieter environment conducive to study and research.

Off-Campus Housing

University-Owned Apartments

For those looking for a blend of independence and the support of university services, university-owned apartments are a great option. They offer the freedom of off-campus living with the added security and community of being university-managed.

Private Rentals

Private rentals provide the most independence. These are privately owned apartments or houses that students can rent. They offer a wide range of options in terms of price, location, and amenities.

Freshman Dormitories

Overview of Freshman Dorms

Freshman dorms are the heartbeat of the first-year experience at USC. They are strategically located to ensure that new students are at the center of campus life, making it easy to get to classes, dining halls, and social events.

Benefits of Living in Freshman Dorms

Living in freshman dorms helps new students make friends, build a community, and find their way around campus. It’s a supportive environment where everyone is going through similar experiences, making it easier to form lasting friendships.

Some of the most popular freshman dorms at USC include Birnkrant Residential College, New North Residential College, and Pardee Tower. Each of these dorms has its own unique features and community vibe.

Upperclassmen Housing Options

Overview of Upperclassmen Housing

Upperclassmen housing options at USC are varied and designed to meet the evolving needs of students as they progress through their college careers. These options provide more privacy, independence, and amenities compared to freshman dorms.

Benefits of Upperclassmen Housing

Upperclassmen housing offers a quieter environment, more space, and often includes options like single rooms or apartment-style living. These benefits cater to students who are more accustomed to campus life and looking for a more self-sufficient living arrangement.

Popular upperclassmen dorms include Cardinal Gardens, Century Apartments, and Troy Hall. These residences provide a range of living arrangements, from single rooms to multi-bedroom apartments.

University-Owned Apartments

Overview of University-Owned Apartments

University-owned apartments offer the best of both worlds: the independence of off-campus living with the security and community of university management. These apartments are located close to campus and include a range of amenities.

Benefits of University-Owned Apartments

The benefits of university-owned apartments include greater independence, access to university services, and the peace of mind that comes with living in a secure, university-managed property.

Some popular university-owned apartment options include the USC Village, Cardinal Gardens, and Century Apartments. These apartments offer various living arrangements to suit different preferences and budgets.

Private Rentals Around USC

Overview of Private Rentals

Private rentals around USC provide the most independence. These are apartments or houses rented from private landlords and come in a wide range of prices, locations, and styles.

Benefits of Private Rentals

The main benefits of private rentals include more freedom in terms of lease agreements, a wider range of living arrangements, and often more space compared to on-campus housing.

Popular private rental options around USC include The Lorenzo, Tuscany Apartments, and Gateway Apartments. These rentals offer a variety of amenities and are popular among students looking for off-campus living.

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Housing Amenities

Overview of Amenities in On-Campus Housing

On-campus housing amenities at USC typically include furnished rooms, high-speed internet, study spaces, recreational facilities, and dining options. Specific amenities can vary by residence.

Overview of Amenities in Off-Campus Housing

Amenities in off-campus housing can include fitness centers, pools, parking, and private kitchens. These amenities can vary greatly depending on the property.

Additional Services and Facilities

USC also offers additional services such as maintenance, security, and residential life programming to enhance the living experience for students.

Living Learning Communities

Benefits of Living Learning Communities

The benefits of LLCs include enhanced academic support, a close-knit community, and opportunities for personal and professional growth.

Popular LLCs at USC include the Arts & Humanities LLC, the Global Scholars LLC, and the Women in Science and Engineering (WiSE) LLC. These communities provide specialized programming and support for their residents.

Student Life in University Housing

Social Activities and Events

Living in university housing provides numerous opportunities for social activities and events. From floor meetings to community-wide events, there’s always something happening to help students connect and engage.

Balancing Academics and Social Life

Balancing academics and social life is crucial for a successful college experience. USC housing cost and programs to help students achieve this balance, including study spaces and academic support services.


USC University Housing offers a diverse range of options to suit the needs of all students. Whether you prefer the convenience of on-campus living or the independence of off-campus housing, there’s something for everyone. With a strong sense of community, excellent amenities, and a focus on safety.

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