How to Check Bharat Gas Booking Status? Guide You Should Follow

Bharat Gas is a well-renowned name in India, ensuring accessibility of gas services to numerous homes. This is a forum on which you can trust and use extensively regarding cooking requirements. Bharat gas booking is simple, yet it ensures that households can easily get up to cooking gas. 

Trustworthy gas booking is vital for home, turning Bharat Gas as a priority selection just because of its simplicity and reliability. It ensures its important role in stamping households can easily maintain their routine cooking requirements. We will search the details of Bharat Gas booking by stressing its importance in the lives of millions of Indian families. 

Different Bharat Gas Booking Methods

Now we are initiating a search on different methods by which you can make a booking of your Bharat gas cylinder.

Bharat Gas Online Booking Methods Details

  1. Using portal and app as well.
  2. Initiate by visiting the Official Bharat Gas website or opening the “My Bharatgas” mobile app.
  3. You can log in using your preexisting account, or if you are new here, sign up. 
  4. But once you logged in, make your way to the booking section and give essential details like the number of your consumer and your location.
  5. Ensure your booking with only a simple push, and the stage is ready.

SMS Booking Method:

SMS booking is a way forward to follow a swift and simple trajectory. You have to stamp a surety that your mobile number is registered with your distributor, then send an SMS with the text “LPG” on both 7715012345 and 7718012345. Receive messages regarding confirmation of booking, cash memo generation, and cylinder delivery, keeping you in trust at every step.

Voice Activated: IVRS Booking

If you have your priorities regarding comforting the voice commands, dial Bharat gas booking number 7715012345 or 7718012345 from a registered mobile number. You have to follow the simple instructions to book your refill. The IVRS systems assist in multiple languages for additional ease. 

WhatsApp Booking Method:

The new addition regarding the booking option is WhatsApp! You can write “Hi” to the gas Smartline number 1800224344. Go behind the instructions and complete your payment utilizing different options such as Amazon Pay, UPI, or debit/credit cards. Refilling your cylinder using a resembling forum is a quick and modern method. 

Offline booking method

Visit Local Distributor

Visiting your closest authorized Bharat gas distributor is an understandable option for those who applaud face-to-face interactions. These distributors are fully equipped to help you book your refill and process your payment directly. It is crucial to hold the ID number of the consumer and address evidence for verification, making stamps a simple and tension-free process. On the other hand, some distributors may provide digital payment options. Cash remains the primary mode of payment at the time of a specific transaction, so in place with a precise amount at present, it is advisable to refrain from any delays. 

Seek Help From Customer Care Helpline

As a substitute, if simplicity and ease are your main priority, you must get assistance from the Bharat Gas customer care helpline at 1800-22-4344. After the instructions, you can book your refill quite handsomely without covering the journey to your distributor. Get ready with the number of your consumer and address details to check on an ongoing call. It is crucial to take a look that resembles a person’s specific booking. Phone booking in the same fashion embraces payments via debit card, credit card, or through some net banking, and cash on delivery is often not available with this method. Every option has benefits, allowing you to select the one that fits your requirements and preferences perfectly.

Offline booking Benefits:

  1. Offline books give you a personal touch, providing customers with face-to-face contact with some of the closest Bharat Gas distributors. This direct meeting propels a sense of resemblance and ease.
  2. Dialing the customer care helpline allows for further assistance on your phone. This individual touch can be specific to particular customers.
  3. If you face issues with online forums or mobile apps, the presentation of offline booking is a trustworthy substitute without a demand regarding technological information. 
  4. The offline process often comes with flexibility regarding payment options at the distributor’s office, providing comfort for those who prefer settling payments in person specifically.

Documents Required for Booking Your Gas Refill

For both offline and online bookings, it is important to have the vital documents available in time to facilitate a steady process.

Identity proof documents: 

When making a Gas booking, you have to put a stamp on real identity evidence. 

Accepted documents include: 

  1. Aadhar card
  2. Driving License
  3. ID Card issued by State or Central Government
  4. Pan Card
  5. Passport
  6. Voter ID Card

Address proof documents: 

Proper address evidence is important for a smooth process of booking. Accepted documents include.

  1. Aadhar card
  2. Credit card or bank statement
  3. Driving License
  4. House of flat Allotment documents
  5. House registration papers
  6. Lease treaty
  7. LIC Policy
  8. Passport
  9. Ration card
  10. Attested Self-Declaration
  11. Utility Bills
  12. Voter ID Card

Importance of Accurate and Updated Documents

Making precise and updated papers available is essential for stamping this important booking. These papers are in place as a source for verification, assisting you in authenticating details and identity. Precision in information like your consumer ID ensures that your booking process goes properly, reducing errors or delays. Updating these kinds of papers and streamlining the experience regarding booking and playing its part in “Bharat Gas Services” is thoroughly trusted and effective. 

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Booking Charges And Technical Support for Your Bharat Gas Refill

Booking Charges and Payment

The best thing and the news regarding it is that we can’t find any sort of charges connected with your Bharat Gas refill, irrespective of their preferred selection. Booking takes place employing a portal, app, SMS, IVRS, or a visit to your distributor is free.

Flexible Payment Options

It provides a range of flexible payment options for managing care that fits your comfort.


Pay from direct sources like a portal or app or by utilizing a debit or some credit card, net banking, and many other famous wallets such as Paypal, UPI, and Amazon. 

Cash on delivery: 

This traditional process permits payment in cash when a cylinder is provided, giving comfort to individuals and their preference for physical transactions. 

Digital payment options: 

When booking with your distributor, you can make a cash payment directly. We find various distributors that embrace digital payment. 

Customer Care Assistance:

For questions and problems. Bharat Gas has the utmost desire for customer care support. You can make their access possible at 1800-22- 4344. 

Moreover, online backup assistance is available for prompt assistance. You can submit your questions by employing the “Contact us” part on the Bharat Gas portal or placing them within the app to resolve your issues or some technical complexities, increasing the thorough customer experience. 

Check Booking Status and Confirmation

Website and app: 

First, you have to log in to your account regarding the Bharat Gas portal or app, and “My Booking” part will display the status of your present and past bookings.


Send an SMS with the written text “ REQ STATUS” tracked by your consumer number to 57333 or 52725. You will receive a reply with the recent status regarding your booking.


Dial 7715012345 or 778012345 from a registered phone number and follow the instructions to verify the present status of your booking.

Customer Care: 

First, dial the customer care helpline (1800-22-4344) and make yourself available with the number of the consumer seeking help verifying the status of your booking.

Confirmation process

Once you make sure that you have made your booking with total success. After this, you will receive a message on your registered mobile number other than the booking method. You will also receive a proper confirmation email on your registered email address. Moreover, SMS alerts update you on the estimated delivery response date and time as your cylinder gets near your doorstep. 

Guide for booking

Keep Customer ID Handy: 

To embrace a quick experience regarding booking, make sure you are always done with your Customer ID. This stamps on a necessary process and reduces the time spent giving vital details while drafting online or offline bookings.

Check for promotions: 

You must keep yourself updated regarding this continuous advertisement Bharat Gas may provide. Verifying for advertisement before the booking you are initiating takes you to the essential benefits, putting some additional part in your experience regarding gas booking.

Use loyalty program: 

Bharat Gas offers loyalty programs to its customers. To save time when booking, you must utilize quick refill options on your mobile app, taking benefits of features such as saved preferences and going for online payment methods for a swift transaction.

Keep Your Mobile Number Updated: 

Managing an updated mobile number looks important in establishing smooth connectivity with updates, booking confirmation, and essential credentials. You can ensure that your registered mobile receives timely notifications that provide a convenient and active communication channel. 

Choose your Favorite Booking Method:

Bharat Gas emphasizes the customers’ priorities and boosts individuals’ ability to pick their preferred booking method. Whether going for ease of the online booking. The personal touch of person-specific booking at the distributor or seeking help via customer care offers various options for different demands and preferences. 

Seek help from Customer Care:

At times of uncertainties or problems, getting help from customer care is suggested. Starting mainly from technical support to resolve particular bookings issues, customer care is fully equipped to give prompt and trustworthy assistance. You will need to feel free for guidance and support. 

Precautions for Booking Your Bharat Gas Refill:

Verify distributor details: 

You must involve a verification factor of distributor authentication before giving your order. You have your stamp confirm that Bharat Gas authorizes these distributors and has a valid ID card. You must provide only some specific information or pay to that individual with his connectivity with Bharat Gas having proper verification.

Beware of  The Risk Of Fake Websites and Apps: 

Get connected to the official Bharat Gas Website ( and mobile app (“MyBharatGas”) with respect to booking. Refrain from unofficial forums or apps that might be scams.

Use Secure Payment methods: 

Utilization of only trustworthy means of payment and verified websites when making online payments. You must refrain from giving away important credentials from unknown sources. You must be careful regarding schemes that look too good to be true.

Avoid fraudulent activities: 

Be proactive and careful when providing some vital information. You must refrain from giving some sensitive details such as Passwords OTP. Bharat Gas doesn’t ask you for information using unofficial sources, and customers should maintain complete care to avoid falling into the trap of scam activity.

Inspect the cylinder: 

When you visually receive the delivery, check the cylinder for any damages, leaks, or tampering. An individual must report such issues on the spot to a delivery individual or distributor. 

Handle The Process With Care: 

You must take precautionary measures regarding transport and secure the cylinder upright safely. You must avoid odd kinds of handling or exposing it to shocking temperatures. Don’t utilize damaged or tampered cylinders.

Follow Proper Safety Guidelines: 

You must get by the important gas safety exercises. For example, keep flammable materials away from the stovetop and put stamps on proper cooking ventilation. 

Other Ways to Book Bharat Gas 

  • Visit the Bharat Gas Booking Status Website at:
  • Press on “Generate OTP” 
  • Fill in the OTP and send it to a registered mobile number.
  • Press the “ Check Status” to receive the present bill status. 
  • Some other methods to verify the booking status at Bharat Gas:
  • You can SMS the REG distributor’s SAP code customer number.

Another option is sending an SMS at 52725 using Vodafone or Airtel. 

  • Going with the offline process, you must dial Bharat Gas Distributor to verify the gas booking. You must give them the customer number or some reference number just to embrace the booking status of your gas. You have the option to download the Bharat Gas application on your mobile device and register yourself just to check the status of your gas.
  • Another way of checking my gas booking status is using the IVRS facility. You can dial 1800 22 4344 to check the status of your gas booking at Bharat. I still hope you know how to check the Bharat Gas Booking Status now. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: What to do if I face any issues during booking or delivery?

Contact the Bharat Gas customer care helpline (1800-22-4344) to receive assistance. 

Q: Are there any promotions or loyalty programs available for Bharat gas booking?

The answer is yes; It provides advertisements in accordance with the situation and a loyalty program. Look for the portal or app regarding updates. 

Q: What is the process to get a new connection?

Go to the official Bharat GAS Portal or establish a connection with the distributor closer to your locality, having a complete command of details when applying for new connections. 

Q: What are the major documents required for a new connection?

Typically, you will require evidence of address, identity proof, and a filled application form. You will be sent to the portal or distributor concerning particular needs.  

Q: What are the different ways to book a gas refill?

You can book online through a portal or app, SMS, IVRS, checking your distributor, or WhatsApp. 

Q: How do I get an update on my registered mobile number?

You can use your mobile app or some customer care for an online phone update. 

Q: What are the different payment methods for booking a Bharat gas refill?

You can pay online by using a debit or credit card, wallets, and cash on delivery. A few of the distributors may also entertain digital payment. 

Q: How can I verify the details of Bharat Gas distributor?

Check the distributors’ details via the official Bharat Gas channel, such as the website and app, and contact customer care. Restrain yourself from sharing any kind of sensitive information with unauthorized means. 

Q: What to do if I suspect fraudulent activities related to Bharat Gas Booking?

Staying active and restraining from sending some sensitive information, and on the spot reporting any sort of odd activities to Bharat Gas customer care. 

Q: How to check the status of my Bharat Gas booking?

You have your option open regarding verifying the status of your booking in numerous ways, including the official website, mobile app, SMS, IVRS, or contacting the care helpline regarding the customer.


In the closing remarks, while covering our journey using Bharat Gas, booking is all about protection, convenience, and selection taken out mainly for you. 

We have covered it comprehensively- booking processes from online clicks for person-specific payment, chat flexibility of your relaxation, and protected tips putting stamps on an utterly safe gas usage atmosphere. Keep in mind that safety is key. In this universe of gas bookings, Bharat Gas does not have limitations only as a service- your companion makes you comfortable. So, get on with the simplicity, stay protected, and allow Bharat Gas to make your booking look easier. 

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