7 Facets of Wellness: Exploring the Principles of Saptaguna Therapy

When looking back at the origins of Ayurvedic massage, one finds a combination of traditional healing methods and wisdom. This healing technique has its roots in the Vedic tradition and is a comprehensive ritual that not only helps balance the body, mind, and spirit but also effectively removes muscles and joint pain. Saptaguna is one such age-old Ayurvedic therapy. In this blog, we’ll explore how Saptaguna Therapy is related to weight reduction and general wellness.

The Science and Technique of Saptaguna Therapy

Saptaguna Therapy uses a variety of special techniques, including stimulating chakras and acupressure points that help with weight loss, body toning, and skin enhancement. Through its holistic approach, Saptaguna Therapy aims to alleviate tension and muscle discomfort, fostering improved physical and mental well-being.

Saptaguna, an immunity-boosting therapy, is a high-end treatment that enhances our body’s capacity for self-healing by stimulating specific areas found in our age-old Ayurvedic scriptures and incorporated into conventional Chinese acupressure maps.

It focuses on three sets of the body. One set is on the lower body, one on the face and neck, and one on the cranium (head). Additionally, there are seven chakras, which are energy centers that affect how vital energy flows through our bodies. Traditional therapy is based on the idea of chakra balancing. 

It is a 60-90 minute weight reduction therapy that uses a combination of antioxidant-rich specialty oils to gently and methodically activate the seven spots. It cleanses, detoxifies, and stimulates our body’s optimal functional condition. 

Advantages of Saptaguna Therapy

In addition, this therapy is paired with yoga, physical activities, breathing exercises, relaxation techniques, and the integration of a nutritious diet and plenty of water to complete the following seven major benefits:

Boosts immunity: Saptaguna therapy is an Ayurvedic way of fighting off diseases and infections; thus, it helps boost immunity.

Enhances vitality: The therapy works on the marma points, stimulating the body’s energy level and making you more active.

Detoxifies the body: It visibly detoxifies the body by removing the toxins that may have been accumulated due to environmental factors.

Removes pain: This Ayurvedic massage therapy helps relieve body pain, including muscle and joint pain.

Exfoliates skin: It helps exfoliate the skin, making it more refreshed and rejuvenated.

Helps in weight loss: Saptaguna also helps you lose weight naturally, as it enhances metabolism and promotes the breakdown of body fat.

Shapes up the body: The therapy is the ultimate way to contour, shape up, and tone the body.

Why VLCC Saptaguna Therapy?
The skilled specialists at VLCC aim to combine the Ayurvedic approach with special techniques like acupressure and the use of specialized oils to treat multiple aspects of your health and take care of your overall well-being. Additionally, this therapy produces the desired results and is 100% safe. The number of Saptaguna therapy sessions may vary from person to person as per their unique health objectives. You will also get personalized advice and aftercare instructions based on your particular needs from our well-experienced practitioners.

More weight-reduction therapies by VLCC

Onda Cool Therapy: Onda Cool technology is one of the most popular belly fat reduction therapies at VLCC. It enables people to safely lose weight without undergoing any cutting or incision procedures. The advanced Coolwave technology targets excess fat, saving you the recovery time you may spend in bed. At VLCC, the well-experienced skin specialists create personalized strategies, particularly for you, after analyzing your needs and preferences thoroughly. This indicates that VLCC surpasses your expectations and does more than just fulfill your aims!

Abhyangam body massage: VLCC Abhyangam, or Ayurvedic Oil Massage, is a special kind of treatment that uses mild stroke therapy to liberally apply the recommended oil. To stimulate a deeper level of healing, it regularly includes steam therapy and marma point therapy. Abhyangam treatment influences the body’s natural ability to heal itself and promotes the path for it. It works well because the treatment acts on balancing the equilibrium of the body, mind, and spirit.

If you want to get in shape naturally, VLCC has a whole assortment of therapies to choose from. You can call, email, or visit the website to schedule an appointment today!

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